Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some common questions and answers which you may find helpful.

Where is Bright Minds based?

Bright Minds is based within the newly built OOur Lady’s Catholic High School building. This means all lessons will be based in a classroom with interactive boards and other modern resources.

How long is each lessons?

All KS1-Ks3 lessons will be 1.5 hours. This would allow students at these age groups to fully on their learning without losing concentration. All KS4-5 lessons will be 2 hours with a small break.

Do you only teach English and Maths?

No! From Ks1-KS3 students will have the choice to study English, Maths and Science. KS4-KS5 students will be offered these as well as all other subjects. If we feel there is enough interest in a particular subject area we will have no hesitation in employing a tutor to start the sessions for our learners.

Can we speak to tutors regarding the progress of our child?

Parents will have the opportunity to meet with teachers, at the end of each session, to ask questions on their son/daughters learning and progress.

Do siblings get discount?

We will offer discounts to families who have more than a child at Bright Minds. The amount of discount will depend on the number of lessons taken by each child.