About Us

Our approach

Our aim is to make learning enjoyable and engaging, which we know lies at the heart of ensuring that children and young people achieve their full academic potential. Our approach is unique because we recognise that students need to be recognised as individuals but also that learning in groups is the most effective means to making learning engaging and meaningful.

Bright Minds students attend classes in small groups but also receive individually tailored support to ensure that they are not just ready for examinations but are also able to apply their learning to achieve their academic and life aspirations.

About us

At Bright Minds, we believe that all students have potential and that barriers to learning can be overcome with the right support. As current education leaders, we are home to over 20 years of UK teaching experience.

Bright Minds offers supplementary lessons for students in need of a helping hand. At Bright Minds you can trust that your child will be cared for, supported and prepared for the challenges ahead.

Meet the Bright Minds Leaders

Bright Minds team comes with 20+ years of working in the education field. As current school leaders, they are continuing to develop their skills and knowledge in overcoming barriers in learning.

Oktay Sahbaz

Founder & Director

A very experienced secondary & sixth form teacher and school leader. Worked in the education field for over 15 years both as a teacher as well as advisor for Local Education Authorities on underachievement and raising attainment.  Oktay continues to work as a school leader.

Gunes Demir

Founder & Director An experienced early years educator who is passionate about raising the attainment levels of all types of learners. Having worked in her current role for many years, Gunes aims to continue making difference in the lives of many learners through education and learning.

Tutors at Bright Minds 

Bright Minds will offer high-quality tutoring through a team of committed and well-qualified tutors. All tutors at Bright Minds are DBS checked and observed prior to starting employment. Tutors and leaders at Bright Minds meet on regular basis to discuss student progress as well as discussing extra opportunities for the learners.

More information

For more information on the Bright Minds Leaders or to meet them for employment and other queries click on the link to find out our contact details. Get in touch