Key Stage 1 & 2


At Bright Minds we believe that children should have a solid foundation in all aspects of English language and English literature.

Our qualified teachers and tutors work closely with students to ensure that your child gains a strong understanding of the Key Stage 1 English language curriculum, and more importantly the ability to engage with a range of literature in a critical and analytical manner.


Fear of Maths is what we hear all the time, and on many occasions students say “I’m not good at Maths”. Our mission at Bright Minds is to empower your child at a very early age to discover the wonders of Maths and enable them to express their full potential and become a logical thinker.

Key Stage 3 & 4

Year 7-9

The first few years of secondary school brings a number of challenges as students adapt to a large number of compulsory subjects. Not every student progresses at the same pace or has an aptitude for the full range of subjects. Bright Minds can enhance your child’s learning in the core subjects (maths, English and science).

Year 10-11

At Bright Minds we provide GCSE Maths, English and Science courses. Many students are stressed and panic during this vital period and we strive to minimise pressure and worries by increasing their confidence; helping them to better understand their subjects; and more importantly teaching them key exam techniques to achieve higher GCSE results.

Key Stage 5

Year 12 and 13

As parents and students we all have one goal in our minds, “to be offered a place at one of the leading universities in the UK”.

Supporting young adults through their A-level learning journey requires a bespoke approach and exceptional teaching, which we can help with at Bright Minds. At Bright Minds we offer access to experienced and skilled tutors in relevant subjects and support the student’s individual learning needs.

Subjects available

Bright Minds will tutor for English, Maths and Science for all age groups. In addition, Bright Minds will also provide tutoring for other GCSE and A-Level subjects. With wide range of tutors, we aim to cater for all subjects.