Our Approach

Children of all ages and abilities can find school challenging. Challenges for learners are wide-ranging. The most common barriers to learning are lack of focus, motivation, confidence, and lack of support and encouragement. We understand that children have different motivations and needs. Together with the teams of professional expertise in our team, we aim to work with children of all abilities and backgrounds, including those with special needs and English as a second language, to support them in fulfilling their educational potential.

Bright Minds offers private tuition to your child to learn, develop and build their resilience. We know that educational attainment is not just about passing exams. For this reason, we will work with your child to make the critical connection between their academic success and their journey in the wider world. As such, we are confident that our learners will be ready for the test of life.

We want to create a school-like atmosphere for your children to learn rather than be trained for exams. Many research suggests that students learn better when they are engaged and enjoy their learning. . Furthermore, we want to create an atmosphere where children are curious, have the confidence to ask questions, create a dialogue and share ideas.

To make things easier for you, we have a range of price plans to suit your child’s needs and your budget. We offer an initial no-obligation meeting with you and your child to discuss your child’s current progress and needs to help understand your child’s additional support needs.

As an Ofsted registered organisation, we work with fully qualified teachers who have a QTS and are DBS checked.

Primary Tuition

Your child’s learning journey starts at primary school. Completing primary with good SATs results as well as being confident in key skills such as reading, writing and numeracy will seed the foundations for success in secondary school. Bright Minds will work to ensure primary students of all ages, year 1-6, can do just that. Learn More

Secondary Tuition

At secondary school, the independent learning skills and levels of resilience play a big part in the GCSE success. Success in subjects such as English, Maths and Science has become more challenging than ever due to changes in the exam systems and curriculum content. At Bright Minds, students of all ages would follow the right path to develop their learning to become resilient learners for future success. Learn More

Sixth Form & College

Whether you are in a sixth form or college doing well in your A-Levels is crucial in going to the university of your dream as well as studying the course of your choice. As well as academic attainment, Bright Minds will also provide support to help its learners make the best decision for their future. Learn More

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We aim to offer a 7-day tutoring programme to cater for all of our learners. As well as offering lessons in our modern and well-resourced centre every Saturday (10:00-15:00), we also aim to offer tutoring at a place that is convenient for you and your child. We are happy to meet with you to discuss the best programme for the success of your child. Get in touch using our contact details. More information